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Searching for the BEST OUTDOOR PAINT FOR WOOD? You’ve come to the right place.

If you have never painted the wood that is placed outside of a house or wood that is placed outside any other building too like any exterior wood, you would think that painting that would be just an easy task. You would think that all that is needed to do is pick your option of paint and just do it. But it is definitely not as easy as you think. You have to prepare the wood before painting it if you want a good and beautiful result. The preparing can include sanding, cleaning the surface of the wood, and stripping the wood beforehand. After that priming is also recommended by the professionals and all the process that is described above is decided for the wood depending on whether the wood is already primed and painted or raw. The process is a very big one and you may have to do it all by yourself unless you buy an already ready-to-go paint that does the whole job for you in one single step. Yes! You will not have to do all that and save up a lot regarding time as well as money that might be put into buying all the products for the whole process. The following list tells you about such paints to use on outside woods and what is the best option for you. You can have a wide range of qualities and aesthetics like glossy or matt, rigid or a bit smooth and many others. 

Follow along as we explain the qualities of the paint that you can use on exterior wood and that would save you time and money by shortening the big process into one step. And you can choose the best one that suits your situation the best.



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This product is on the top of the list because it is considered the top exterior paint for wood. The rust-oleum painters touch latex paint is a product that can be used in many ways and is considered very versatile. The outside furniture looking old and rusty? Don’t worry it can be made new with using this product. If you are working on a lot of renovation in your house or any other building, or just working on a bunch of outdoor projects then rust oleum is the brand for you as it makes painting outside really easy. If you want a glossy finish and find that pretty then this is the item for you. As the glossy finish allows you to use it on many other surfaces other than wood as well. A wide range of usage includes surfaces such as glass, metals, plasters, canvas or ceramic just as long as they are not anything that is used to walk on you will be good. The painter’s touch is produced using a technology called “double cover”. This double layer ensure that you will get as less chippings, wear and tears on your paint. 

This product made to give a fresh and very clean look to the surface that is in a bad shape and looks a bit worn out. The projects you are working on can be finished just with one or two coats maximum and that’s all you would need. It does not have a lot of smell so it is easy to work with and is not toxic so it is also safe to use. If any mistakes happen while working with the product they can easily be cleaned with soap and water so feel free to make mistakes and have fun with them. Just sand the wood before using whether you use it on inside or exterior woods and make sure to use 180-200 grit pieces of sandpaper before application to get the best results. But if you are using it a hard surface such as metal you don’t need to be sanding it of course. On top of all these qualities, the paint dries very quickly and you can apply a second coat if you have to in only 30 minutes, since that is just how long it takes to finish.

 The main qualities can be summed as follows:

Pros & Cons

  • It can be used on both the interior and exterior woods
  • It dries very quickly, only about 30 minutes.
  • Application is easy and if you make a mistake it can be easily washed away with soap and water.
  • It is very long lasting and durable

  • It has to be used on surfaces that are sanded already ro you wont get the best results
  • It can not be used on walking surfaces



It is considered the best deck and wood floor paint. The kilz porch and patio floor paint is made specifically for the decks porch and patio floors just as the name would suggest. The floors can get worn out and if you are not painting the floors just because you are afraid that it would require way more maintenance than necessary then you are missing out on the beauty and safety the paints can provide to your floors. Now if you spend money and made a beautiful extension outside your home, you should definitely protect the extension as well and you can do just that by using this product. The paint after application can protect your floors from scuffs, scratches, fading, cracking or peeling. This product can also be used on so many hard surfaces like metal, cement, or masonry. But the true beauty of this product can only be seen after using it on the wood floor. 

The paint has a latex enamel in it and can be applied so easily. The time it takes to dry is also very short i.e. only 1 hour but it is recommended that you let it dry for four to six hours before applying a second coat if need be. It comes in colors that are very widely used like slate grays and silver grays. Only one gallon is enough for 200 to 400 square feet of porch and patio floors. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on the wood and all would work fine. Now one thing that you need to consider is that any painted surface will get slippery when it is wet and you have to be careful while using any painted floors while it is raining or the surface just gets wet from any other reasons. Also don’t paint anywhere where any motor vehicle would be traveling since it can cause slipping. 

The qualities can be summed up as follows for the product:

Pros & Cons

  • This product is even though made specifically for deck and floorings outside the houses or building but can also be used on beds, siding, and any other projects.
  • It can be used in any hard surface and not only wood, such as metal, ceramics and masonry.
  • It does not require any priming before application.
  • The application is a lengthy process and if you want to apply a second coat you will have to wait 2 to 6 hours.



This is another product which is best to use on outside wood. The rust oleum products are a lot on this list and for a good reason, they have many paints that are incredible and very high quality and it is not limited to only traditional paint as well. The rust-oleum painter’s touch 2x ultra cover spray is best for you if you are looking for something to cover surfaces that are hard to apply color due to either their huge size or the intricacies in the surface.   It is also one of the more versatile product and can painted on nearly any outdoor piece including wood of course, metal and ceramics, even plastics can painted using this. The formula of producing this is oil based and it sticks very evenly throughout which ever surface you are putting this on. It has a very quick drying time and only takes about 20 minutes to dry and you can apply a second coat after it dries and if you need. This allows you to safe a lot of time which can be very frustrating and you don’t have to think for long before you decide whether you want a second or third coat. The smell it has is not that much since it is a low odor product. It has a satin finish which allows you to have look that is similar to that of when a professional would do it. 

The painter’s touch 2x works like a primer and a paint and your work is made easy by not including any prior preparation of the wood before applying the product. But the wood should be sanded and that is very much recommended just so you get a better adhering of the paint and the finished product is as best looking as possible. This product is very liked among the car owner because the clear paint that it has can be applied on car’s headlights and they can be turned clear if they have been turned foggy over time. Even if you are using the paint on head lights you should sand them down somewhat, so that you get the best results.

The qualities of the product can be summed as follows:

Pros & Cons

  • It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and also is safe to use
  • It take only 20 minutes to dry so quick drying is one of the perks
  • It has a satin finish giving a professional look
  • It does not smell that much
  • It works as a primer and paint hence the 2x in the name and also saves you time, however sanding before use is still recommended
  • If you have small exterior product it is a very good option
  • Shake before use otherwise the coating will come out very uneven


It is very good for fence and siding as the name suggest. It is the best option for you if you are looking for something that will save your outside siding, fencing and wood for a long time and from a bunch of different elements. Kilz the brand has been producing paints and primers for 40 years! And they have some of the best options when it comes to wood finishes paint and primers etc. the kilz exterior siding, fencing, and barn paint is made especially for surface wear and tear, rust, and mold or mildew. The outdoor wood can be damaged by the sun because it causes peeling, drying, cracking, and blisters and this product prevents just these. It is also a self primer and does not require a lot of prepping besides cleaning and sanding the wood beforehand. 

The formula is water and oil based and sticks to almost any thing and any surface you want. It also has the quality of lasting for a very long time. This makes it easy to maintain as you don’t have to worry about it over just a year and can leave it for a couple of years, even if the conditions are tough. It si also versatile and can be used on stucco, cement, wood, metal, and any other hard surface that’s placed outside that needs to be protected. The application does require more time than many others on this list, it dries in about 2-3 hours and it will take a little more i.e. 6-7 hours before applying the second coat on it. It can be applied by brushing, rolled, sprayed on and will work just fine. But you have to be careful while applyin because only back brushing or back rolling are recommended for this product.

The qualities of the product can be summed up as follows:

Pros & Cons

  • It last for a good amount of time so it is very long lasting.
  • It protects any and all surfaces from wear and tear, rust, mold, or mildew even if the conditions are extreme in nature.
  • The formula is water and oil based as well as self priming so the work is made very easy
  • The application process is very long
  • The condition of back rolling or back brushing can lead to an uneven coverage


Satin paint for outdoor wood that is very good. It is a multi purpose paint that has latex in it. It has a lot to offer and the brand rust-oleum is already something to put trust in. It is made for all your exterior painting needs including painting on exterior woods. It gives a beautiful satin result that does not chip away, and this is best to use in areas where there may be a lot of traffic. The rust-oleum painter’s touch satin can be used on many surface other than wood’ like earthenware, cement, ceramics, metal and plasters meaning that it is very versatile. It also has the special quality of low odor that not many products have. It is easy to use and clean up, for cleaning it you only have to use soap and a wet washrag but while it is still wet and you can undo any mistake you made. it applies evenly and very thoroughly and on top of that because it gives a satin finish it also hides any imperfection in the surface and you don’t have to worry of you are not an expert while using this product.

It is recommended to sand down the surface which it is to be applied on with 180 to 200 grit piece of sand paper and then also apply a degreaser. Then all that is left to do is wait 2 hours to let the wood dry and then you are ready to apply the paint. This does take up a bunch of time and effort but the final result will make it all worth it in the end. This product is extremely affordable, it costs about less than half of some products on the list and you get 120 square feet. The product also takes very less time to dry, only about 30 minutes after which you can apply another coat and also you will likely need only two coats or less.

The qualities can be summed up as follows:

Pros & Cons

  • It is very affordable and has a great value for cost
  • It also can be used on so many different surfaces other than wood.
  • You have to sand, prime, and de-gloss before using the product on the wood surface.



The prestige lifetime is a primer and paint so it’s a two in one. This product is an ultra premium one which makes it very easy to paint on your wood piece because it works both as primer and a paint. Prestige is very good match for Sherwin-william paints and that makes it way easier for you to renovate or touch up old pieces that look a bit worn out. The application is so easy and the formula has a very smooth finish which ensures an even coverage. It also hides any mistakes and blemishes that could be made even by the most novice of painters and the finish result is amazing no matter what. It is also versatile and works on wood, masonry, cement, stone work, metal and even vinyl sidings if need be.

The paint gives such a beautiful look when applied with a good brush and you will most likely only require 2 to 3 coats for achieving the best look. Each coat will take 2 to 3  hours to dry so it might take a little longer to work with this product than many others. Now if there are any glossy areas on the wood surface you will need to sand them down. And even though the product comes with primer already in it, you will still have to apply a primer before applying this if your wood is raw. Different colors are made for interior and outside use to before buying please read the packaging thoroughly. 

The qualities of the product can be explained as follows:

  • It has a very easy application because of primer and paint both included in it already
  • It matches some Sherwin-william paints so you can renovate old wood easily
  • The formula gives high quality coverage can mask blemishes really well
  • You have to sand the wood before applying this product which can take up some time


So there you have it 6 products that are best to buy for wood on the outside of your house. We hope this list will be helpful for you. Now you can easily choose the option which works best for you and suits your conditions best. You can see all the qualities that are explained for each product, like how long it lasts, how long it takes to dry, which ones include primer in them, which ones can be used several surfaces or only on wood, which provide how much coverage and if it hides blemishes and mistakes, also which ones can be washed up easily if you make a mistake while applying it on. Choose the one you want and good luck for your project. 

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