Best Water Based Polyurethane for Floors

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Welcome! My name is AB Williams. Wood working is my passion.It became my passion after I’d finished college. Since then I’ve gained strong knowledge and skill set of woodworking and wood finishing.





Water-based polyurethanes give an unmistakable completion and have a low scent.It’s really the most solid hardwood floor finish. On the off chance that you love the characteristic look of maple, apply a water-based (waterborne) polyurethane. They seem smooth in the can, however go on clear and stay clear.

Water-based polyurethanes give a reasonable completion and have low scent. You can recoat them in two hours and clean your devices with water. In the event that you start early enough in the day, you can apply the suggested four covers and rest in the room that night

The last advance in completing your wood floors will be to apply polyurethane to give it a defensive layer and appealing sheen. There are fundamentally two kinds of polyurethane, oil-based (dissolvable borne) and water-based polyurethane (waterborne). Oil-based items were initially the standard in the business until the advancement of water-based polyurethane. Water-based polyurethane has developed in the course of recent decades with the interest for an item that is more secure, more eco neighborly, and increasingly effective. In spite of the fact that the two sorts are as yet utilized today, the water-based completion has gotten the most widely recognized for a few reasons.

Maybe the best favorable position to the mortgage holder who goes with a water-based item is that there will be basically no introduction to VOC’s – unpredictable natural mixes. These mixes discharge poisonous exhaust that are hazardous for individuals and pets. Oil-based items contain oil determined substances referred to be cancer-causing agents, for example, benzene or ethylene glycol. These substances radiate solid vapor for in any event 24 hours after application until the coat has dried. Their essence may keep on influencing air quality uncertainly.

A water-based coat dries a lot quicker than the oil base. A couple of coats can be applied and dried all inside a few hours. Everything can be set up back and the room can be prepared to possess that day, with no remaining smell. An oil base coat could take in any event 24 hours to dry and a couple of days for the exhaust to die down. Water base can be strolled on inside 24 hours and will be considerably more rapidly prepared for elevated level traffic, though some oil base items can take as long as 30 days. More slowly drying might be a bit of leeway for the do it yourself on the grounds that it offers time to address botches.

Water-based completions have advanced as makers have grown better science conveying more prominent protection from scraped spot. Improved folios and added substances have now grown top notch water-based floor completes similarly as strong as an oil-based completion.

The water-based floor finish is an unmistakable coat that keeps up the regular shade of the wood and features the grain more. Oil-based completion quickly changes the shade of the wood to a darker tone. After some time and with UV introduction the oil finish changes shading to a yellowish golden tone.

In the event that you are hoping to fix or refurbish your floor, at that point you will be searching for the best Floor finish.

As by my experience I discover that BONA MEGA FLOOR FINISH is the best one as by my experience.

In this article, I have inspected Best Water Based Polyurethane for Floors you can check underneath.

Best Water Based Polyurethane for Floors

No #Water Based PolyurethaneRating Price
4.8 Amazon Check Price
4.5 Amazon Check Price
4ZAR AQUA WATER BASED POLY4.7 Amazon Check Price
5RUST-OLEUM 200061H ½ PINT WATER BASED WOOD4.4 Amazon Check Price

1. Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish – Editor Choice

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Bona Mega is a generally excellent water-based polyurethane for wood floor wrapping up. The cost of this item is likewise very sensible. The recipe which is utilized in this item gives you an extremely appealing outcome and wrapping up. This wood floor finish (glossy silk), is one of the most simple to-utilize completes you’d at any point run over. It’s 30% less expensive than different alternatives from this brand, settling on it the perfect decision for those on a low spending plan.

Its elite water-based recipe is oxygen crosslinking one-section Polyurethane; accordingly, you don’t need to stress over blending. The environmental oxygen is utilized as a cross linker, along these lines making it non-harmful and safe to utilize. With Bona super, you have a variety of choices to look over, as it comes in silk, shine, and semi-gleam. Additionally, the formula has no squandered completion, is practically unscented, and has a boundless pot life; it can be saved for quite a while.

Since this item has no added substance, it improves the presence of the wood after application and gives it an extra twinkly impact. Besides, the floor evaporates rapidly and can be strolled on ordinarily four to five hours in the wake of applying.

Be that as it may, for best outcomes and an ideal appearance, you have to cover the floor a few times.

The assembling gives 3 assortments of this item the satin, semi-gleam, and shine. This improves the regular wood hope to show normal magnificence.


Bona Mega fulfills the guideline of the business and it is likewise endorsed by unpredictable natural mixes. I discovered that 1 gallon of poly can cover right around 550-600 sq ft. In the principal covering for Bona Mega, it may not give you great outcome however after the second or third you will begin finding the outcome and the floor will get more grounded and useable inside a couple of days. Poly produced is environment friendly.

  • It is anything but difficult to apply
  • Dries rapidly
  • Durable
  • Sparkles splendid

  • Ought to be applied in different layers to deliver incredible outcomes

2. Minwax Water Based Oil-Modified Poly – Ultra-Fast Drying Coat

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Minwax Polyurethane is having highlights of ultra-quick drying and perfectly clear look also. I would suggest this for indoor use, not open air. For indoor, you can utilize it for entryway, cupboard, and floor also.

This Minwax item truly gives you truly quick-drying and perfectly clear outcomes. It expands the sturdiness and quality of the item a lot. Minwax® Water-Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane joins unrivaled toughness and the warm look of customary polyurethane with the accommodation of a water-based completion. Lower in scent than conventional dissolvable based polyurethanes. It ensures and adds magnificence to inside wood surfaces including woodwork, furniture, entryways, cupboards, and floors. It dries rapidly and can be cleaned up effectively with warm water.


Minwax Polyurethane is in gleam, semi-shine, and silk sheens. This is predominantly utilized on wood and for the best outcome, you should attempt to make in any event three coatings. The covering makes the floor very hard and you should utilize engineered cushion so there will be no imprints on the floor. In the wake of applying you should hang tight for 60 to 72 hours.

  • Simple to clean with warm water
  • Dries rapidly
  • At last, protects

  • May marginally influence individuals with breathing issues-particularly in rooms with insufficient ventilation
  • May cause eye-watering during application

3. Bona Mega Clear HD – Great to Boost Look of Your Floor

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Bona Mega Clear is a top of the line poly and is accessible in the stain as it were. This item gives you high caliber of answer and you can give the customer a great outcome with this poly. Likewise, this poly is having extraordinary formula which makes it scratch opposition and it additionally didn’t get yellow shading after some time. This poly is experienced when contrasted with others in the market yet no doubt the outcome you find will be mind-boggling.

This is a very good quality poly from Bona. It is profoundly respected for its capacity to fulfill the different needs in regards to the exhibition and the presence of floors. The poly is for all intents and purposes unscented and non-combustible. 1 gallon of the poly conceals a zone of to 600 sq. ft. As noted in the mark, this covering ought not to be applied at amazingly low or high temperatures or rooms with high humidity.

It has a boundless pot life. It has an outstanding form and clearness to upgrade the presence of your floor in an incredible manner. During application, the flow and leveling attributes of this poly are superb. It dries quickly in around a few hours all things considered. It takes a limit of one week to fix totally.

Extraordinary RESULT

Bona Mega HD is likewise a result of Bona and you realize that this organization never bargains in its presentation so it will never frustrate you. Bona Mega HD is the best one on the off chance that you need a definitive lucidity on the floor or any wood. Interestingly, it dries rapidly like in 2 to 3 hours and for the most extreme outcomes, you should give it 4 to 5 days to dry out.

  • Great lucidity when dry
  • Dries quick
  • Expanded scrape safe
  • No yellowing impact

  • One-year timeframe of realistic usability

4. ZAR Aqua Water Based Poly

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ZAR Aqua Poly is a low scent and is excellent as far as security and strength. It is made by a recipe through which it expands the quality of the wood likewise makes it an excellent look.

The poly dries quickly, has a low smell, and is made with a checked recipe to oppose response with most family synthetic compounds hence shielding the floor and furniture from scraped area, scraping, and different harms. This poly draws out the best from wood regarding excellence and solidness, not at all like other ordinary waterborne polys. Moreover, it meets all the business ecological guidelines as it has an eminently low outflow of dissolvable fume.

Aqua Zar polyurethane is suggested for use on the inside surfaces as it were. This poly is attractive for use on fascinating wood species, for example, Teak, Brazilian pecan, and bounty more. It is made with full consistence with the organic natural compound’s rules and guidelines. After the application, it is fitting to avoid contacting the equipment for two hours to abstain from leaving undesirable markings on the furnishings.


Water Zar polyurethane is for the most part utilized in the indoor inside and it is exceptionally alright for the earth. It is made with unpredictable natural mixes and under the standard of enterprises.

It dries out in 2 to 3 house and for a full fix, I will recommend you leave it for 7 days at any rate. It invigorates great and duality for wood. For the best outcome, you ought to apply 2 coatings of it. In the event that you are not content with your past experience of poly attempt this one, it is anything but difficult to apply and one quart of Aqua ZAR can cover 125 sq. ft.

  • Got magnificence and lucidity
  • Quick drying
  • Low smell
  • Naturally protected
  • No yellowing impact in the wake of drying
  • Dissolvable fumes causing slight breathing trouble
  • Requires warm lathery water for powerful cleaning

5.  Rust-oleum 200061h ½ pint water-based wood

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Rust-oleum Varathane Ultimate Water-Based Polyurethane is a perfectly clear defensive layer for interior wood surfaces. Most extreme scratch and stain obstruction shield the surface from harm to safeguard the shading and quality after some time. Ultra-quick drying and simple cleanser and water cleanup sparing time and hassle.

The primary component of this completion is its high sturdiness. The item is publicized as a “high traffic” equation, which implies the organization has given a valiant effort to make something that opposes scratching and gouges. Typically, these sorts of polyurethane are much more costly than this one. Additionally, you get an entire gallon at this cost, so it’s probably going to last some time.

In the same way as other water-based polyurethanes, this one has a self-leveling highlight, which essentially implies that it will settle normally, shaping a smooth layer on top. While numerous items will tout the advantages of this element, some of them don’t create a recognizable contrast.

Fortunately, this is one of the special cases. Leveling highlight is obvious each time you move the brush. This one likewise gives a simple cleanup, and that is constantly a help. A smidgen of cleanser and water ought to be all you need. Talking about efficient, this item can be applied twice as thickly as most different completions. This implies less covers, which implies less venture time generally.

Since this item is intended to be applied in a twofold thick layer, it will take more time to dry than most others. It will take two hours before it is dry to the touch, and will require an entire 24 hours to fix appropriately. There is likewise the way that a few people don’t need such a thick and obvious layer on their ground surface. The thickness of the poly can cause the wood to seem counterfeit, so give it a shot an example piece first.

  • Intended to be applied thickly
  • High-traffic equation for additional toughness
  • Simple cleanup
  • Excellent self-leveling highlight
  • Not unreasonably costly
  • Makes a thick and noticeable layer
  • Drying time is somewhat longer per coat


6.  Deft 259-01 water-based polyurethane interior exterior satin, 1-gallon

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This water-based polyurethane includes a 100-Percent urethane water-based clear defensive top coat, defined with the most recent water-based oil-adjusted urethane innovation. It contains unrivaled UV insurance; giving astounding climate opposition and sturdiness. Defined with the most recent water-based oil-adjusted urethane innovation. Deft’s “OSC” innovation gives fantastic hardness, solidness, UV security, and climate opposition. This creative item offers extraordinary sanding attributes, self-preparing, and non-harmful when dry.

Meets ecological guidelines for VOC. It is perfectly clear security for inside and outside furnishings, entryways, floors, windows, window outlines, and other hard utilize wooden territories. Simple application, low smell, and water tidy up. Simple to apply by brush, cushion, or airless or HVLP splash application. It has a more prominent Durability than Oil-based poly. This inventive item offers remarkable sanding qualities (self-preparing, no sealer required. It has a superb execution and water tidy up. Quick-dry inside 2 hours to recoat. It meets or surpasses natural guidelines for VOC and is the low smell. This inventive item offers extraordinary sanding attributes (self-preparing, no sealer required).Simple to apply by brush, cushion or airless or HVLP shower application


  • Pros
    • Durable
    • Non toxic
    • For interior purpose preferably
    • Not recommended for external purpose



Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish is my best choice in all the prospects of usage. Even though, all of these items do a comparable thing, they don’t play out the equivalent. The little adjustments are significant here, so ensure you get the significance of picking the best, cautiously and sensibly. You get one shot at this project! When a wood polyurethane has been applied to the segment of wood and dries, you stop with the outcomes. This is a non-reversible procedure, and that is correct why we decided to manufacture this article. With a smidgen of data added to your list, I trust that you will currently have the option to pick well and accomplish the best outcomes.

Tell us in the comments below which wooden polyurethane suits you the best?


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