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The summers come around with a bunch of duties for the gardener out there. The gardens require a lot of pruning, cutting, and clipping. Trees and vines require this type of maintenance so that they can remain in perfect shape. All the trimmings from the cutting can be a lot to handle and only sending them to eco landfill is just going to be a waste of time and money. Luckily these trimmings can be transferred into organic compost for the gardens. You don’t have to worry about all of the trimmings in this way. A chipper knew as a shredder machine does this exact job of turning the cuttings into organic compost. It basically turns it into a rich mulch, which can be the base material for the organic compost. The next time you grow your vegetables you can use this handmade compost for them to make them as healthy and nutritious for you to eat as possible. 

You can refer to the following list to see what is the best option for you to buy, especially if you are buying for the first time. These are our top picks for you.


2YARDMAX YW7565 Amazon Check Price
4POWERSMART PS10 Amazon Check Price
5THE TAZZ 18493 CHIPPER SHREDDER Amazon Check Price
7CHAMPION 100137 CHIPPER SHREDDER Amazon Check Price


Sun joe is known to have made the best DIY garden tool and is a leading brand in that market. It has a wide variety including snow blowers and a chipper shredder that can be used anywhere around the home. This machine is very durable and powerful and has a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty if it does get defective. The model has a very powerful electric motor that is attached to an extension cord. And because the cord limits its movement so it is suitable only for small and medium-sized gardens. The motor is 15 amp and allows to chip away 1.5 inches thick and the hardened blades allow the speed to be up to 4300-rpm. The sun joe cj602e allows user-friendly operation and the motor is a direct drive so It has plenty of safety features. It has a safety hopper with a locking knob to prevent operation in the engine when it is open or loose. The machine to be assembled a little when you first buy it but the motor is already ready to use and you just need to plug it in that’s all. 

The design and construction of this model make it best so that the small chipping jobs around the garden is made easier, like processing twigs and vines. The design is also compact and lightweight and can be stored easily and it comes with a wheel that makes it easy while maneuvering. This model is also ideal regarding the noise as it is a quiet machine while operating. The machine has a powerful motor which makes it easy to cut through wood. 

The advantages and disadvantages can be summed in the following sentences:

  • It comes with a locking knob and safety hopper
  • It has a 15 amp powerful motor
  • It has a manufacturers warranty in case of any defects
  • It is an ETL approved machine which further proves its durability

  • It is not suitable for heavy duty use


Yardmax yw7565 chipper shredder, 3’’ diameter, Briggs and Stratton, cr950, 6.5 HP, 208cc 

It has qualities such as being very durable, along with being easy to use. It can easily handle wood pieces and branches that have up to 3” diameter and saves a lot of time and hassle. It is incredibly spacious and has a self-feeding chute to handle longer branches with ease. It has a Briggs and Stratton 6.5 HP engine. A solid, steel casing that gives the durable parts that are necessary to handle rugged jobs, time and again. It has maintenance that is very easy because of the easily accessible chipper blades. The yardman yw7565 has very good qualities overall and we would recommend it to you based on a great combo of efficient performance along with intelligent design. It also comes in an affordable price which gives it a special benefit over a lot of other chippers. 

Its advantages and disadvantages can be summed up as follows:

  • It is very easy and convenient to maneuver In your garden
  • It has the ability of self-feeding operation in it
  • It has excellent fuel efficiency in it
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain for a long period of time.
  • It has a motor which is not suitable for heavy-duty use in landscaping


Powerhouse chipper shredder– 420cc OHV engine, 4” chipping capacity.

A very durable 420cc engine that also has a cast iron sleeve and low oil shutdown for extra engine safety. 13” pneumatic tires roll very well even over terrain. This chipper is easy to maneuver because of the well balanced and low center of gravity along with a built-in handle. The design is also intelligently made and can be easily transported through vehicles and/or carried to the work destination easily. It has a dual-feed unit with a drop-in shredding hopper and chipping chute. For the gardeners and landscapers that are looking for strength in their chipper, this machine is the best premium model in this preview. This powerful engine makes short work of your garden trimmings. It is made with the most top-quality components for its design and manufacture, which makes it ideal to use for a very long time and also for heavy-duty use.

The advantages and disadvantages can be summed in the following words:

  • It is the most suitable for landscapers and contractors to use
  • It has a very strong and powerful engine
  • It comes with a towbar included for it to be easy to carry and be portable
  • It has a very long service life and lasts for a long time
  • The design is intelligently durable and strong
  • It has a side chute as well as a self-feeder

  • It can be a bit pricey and a little out of reach due to that.


Powersmart ps10 is available in red and black color and is a 15 amp garden chipper/shredder with a safety lock knob. A very strong 15 amp motor is used in it which cuts through branches that are 1 5/8” inches thick in diameter. It is the most ideal for turning lawn trimmings, twigs, and foliage into high-grade and nutrient-rich mulch for your garden. The design is very intelligently compact with 6-inch wheels and helps for easy portability. The safety hopper locking knob prevents the motor to be operated when it is open. It takes a time of two years to make this product and the company promises that the warranties are consistent with the commitment to dedication and quality of the product. If you have any questions you can call customer service and are promised to get a response in just 24 hours. If you are looking to buy a shredder or chipper on a budget you should really buy this as we recommend power smart ps10. It has everything needed in a chipper/shredder and has an affordable price.

The advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up as follows:

  • It is the best budget model in this list for you to look for if you want something affordable.
  • It is the most ideal choice for gardens that are small
  • It is very compact and lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere you want
  • It has an overload switch and locking knob for safety and more security so you don’t hurt yourself.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain for years
  • It is not really suitable for heavy-duty use


It is a gas-powered chipper/shredder that is necessary for you if you live in the wooded area because it focuses so much on performance. The Tazz 18493 are most suitable for homeowners that are living in wooded areas with large yards. This machine has 4 strokes, 212cc single-cylinder viper engine. And it is suitable for even the toughest of garden waste and branches. The strong nature of the motor allows you to through the biggest piles of garden waste in minutes with no burnouts or jams. 0.74 capacity in the tanks makes sure you have enough to cover huge properties with extended run time. The suction strength is 20 % more than other gas-powered chippers so that gives it a the power to pick up large woods in a short time. The feeder chute allows wood pieces of about 3 inches thick to go through easily and the shredder has the quality to cut through another form of garden debris as well. The collection bags that can be dock and locked come with this machine and can hold 2 bushels of wood chips at a time, that is enough mulch for your garden this coming growing season. There is a bottom out release zipper that allows fast and to the point unloading of chips.

The machine is sturdy and compact and has a design and construction that is obtained with premium materials for strength. The blades are hardened to make sure they cut through branches as smooth as butter and also it has 11-inch wheels to make it portable easily and anywhere in your garden. The mesh and rubber is there to baffle the machine and therefore helping in reducing the noise. This gives it an advantage for those homeowners living In quiet neighborhoods where sound could be an issue. It has a height of 34 inches and that allows for compact storage in your tool shed or garage when it is free. So this machine is overall a good choice due to the powerful motor and the sturdy and strong design. It has a user-friendly operation along with noise baffling that makes it a great choice for landowners with larger areas to cover and those living in gated communities where it is not appreciated to make loud noises. 

The advantages and disadvantages can be summed up as follows:

Pros & Cons

  • The most suitable chipper for medium-sized gardens
  • It has a very strong and powerful motor
  • It performs user-friendly operation
  • It has the most excellent safety qualities
  • It is not made for heavy-duty use



The patriot product CSV-2515 chipper makes short the work of garden debris and branches because of its powerful motor and is suitable for gardens that smaller and medium in size. Make the mulch at home from this machine and you can save a huge bill of compost next growing season. The motor in this one is 14 amps and cuts through wood pieces 2.5 inches thick. This machine also can be plugged into a regular 110 volts outlet allowing you to use any extension cord you want with it. The operation is smooth and quiet so you don’t have to worry about annoying your neighbors. The product also has wheels for easy portability and the motor is very strong considering it is under 14 amps. The motor allows 2.5 inches branches to be cut with ease while others of this range would only allow 1.5 inches branches to be cut and this gives it the upper hand regarding power. There is a large hopper at the top of this product where you can collect all the garden waste that is to be processed. The collection bag can be clipped on which can collect up to 2 bushels of clippings at one time.

It has a weight of only 95 lbs making it the most lightweight on this list. This also allows a compact and storable design that can be put away in your tool shed or garage. There are wheels and a handle on this product and that ensures a safe and smooth movement around the yard. The electrical design makes it easy to use for smaller and medium-sized gardens and the gardens that have more trees than vines and twigs can also be offered a little more power that will be needed to process the garden waste.

The advantages and disadvantages can be summed up as follows:

  • It is very compact and light weight only 95 lbs in weight
  • Handle large branches up to 2.5 inches with ease with the 14 amp motor
  • It has a smooth and quiet operation
  • It has a handle and wheels allowing it to have easy maneuverability
  • It is very powerful to be used in small gardens, it would work best with medium-sized gardens


The champion 100137 chippers is best to use on large areas and wooded properties because it cuts through large pieces of wood and that too with a lot of ease which makes the maintenance of large properties very easy. The operation is gas-powered meaning no wires and extension cords allowing free portability. This model has a motor with 338cc and 4 strokes, it has a single-cylinder overhead valve that produces 7hp, and has a 1.6 gallons fuel tank giving it longer run time. This machine is very automatic because it does most of the work for you. It pulls the debris and garden waste into the hopper and towards the cutting deck and requires minimal effort from the gardener. The blade is 13.8 inches wide and cuts branches of even 3 inches in diameter and there are four hammers that cut the debris with so much ease. 

The product is best to use in large properties as the 12-inch wheels that never flat make it easy to be moved between the job sites in the garden super easy. The chopping blades are 2 inches and cut branches of about 3 inches in diameter. The product is best to use when there is a large garden to work with and also the garden has trees that drop branches. You can also get 2 years of warranty with this product to help with any defects. The tech support is incredible and the consultants help you with any troubleshooting that you may experience. 

The advantages and disadvantages can be summed as follows:

  • It is a gas powered shredder that allows easy portability
  • It is the best for landscaper as it can cover large areas that also have trees that drop big branches
  • The tires are of the type that is neve-flat and are 12 inches wide
  • The operation is durable and powerful
  • It is not really useful for home use that much


 The yard machine 24a-45m4700 chipper shredder is suitable for larger areas with short trees as it has a gas-powered engine. The design features a powerful 205cc, 4 strokes motor with overhead valves. The engine also ensures the smooth and efficient operation along with the gas tank having a capacity of 0.4 gallons. The motor is a little bit less powered than other products on this list but still performs pretty well for the home gardeners. this product offers a very simple way of operation. It involves a 3 step feeding system that pulls debris from the hopper into the cutting deck for processing the drop-down, rake in chute, and chipper chute all offer different processing functionality for a variety of garden material. 

The collecting bag has a collecting ability of 2.5 bushels in one go and has a reduction of 10:1. The motor is powerful enough to handle 2 inches thick in diameter branches, even though we would expect 3 inches diameter wood to be chopped as well but it is advised to follow the manufacturer’s direction. The design is made very durable and the construction of the machine is such that it make it one of the sturdiest option available on the list. The model is gas-powered and is great for the gardens that are large but don’t have a lot of trees. The motor is a little underpowered as compared to others on the list but it will still provide home gardeners with a good amount of power at a decent price point.

The advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up as follows:

  • It is a very good choice for landscapers with spacious gardens as it is gas-powered
  • The collecting bag has a large capacity of collecting 2.5 bushels of mulch in it
  • As mentioned before it has a powerful motor which Is also gas-powered
  • The product has 3-way feeder system, the debris is pulled in by hopper and processed in cutting deck and finally collected at collecting bag which Is also detachable with a great capacity
  • The product is not so suitable for use at home 


There you have it these are the 8 products that we hope will suit you most. The one that’s your conditions best is the one you can buy and we hope the list was helpful. You can look at every product motor power, whether it is gas-powered or electrical and requires cords, also what cut how much diameter of wood branches along with if it is suitable to use in large gardens or smaller/ medium. All this is told in the above list so we hope you can find the one you are looking for. 


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