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Are you wondering about the best wood planer and do not know which is the best planner? Then you need to know some basic things and go through the best wood planner that is high in quality and durability. A wood cutting tool is a foremost thing to cut the wood and design it into many shapes, especially when doing the wood-related work. Many people think that using a wood planner is not a reliable way compared to the handy woodcutter. But you will never get the same thing from a handy cutter. So before going towards the best wood planer, it is essential to know a wood planer and how it is work. 

A wood planner is a tool used to reduce the thickness of wood either this surface is large, thick, thin, and small. The use of woodcutters depends upon the project. Either it is used to flatten the surface or make it smooth.  Many types of wood planer present are used according to the wood function.  This wood planner is used for the home woodwork, office woodwork, and other professional works.  As if you want to buy the best wood planer that can work according to the need and your requirements, then you should get the correct details before. So here is the best and authentic planner that is specially designed for different woods works.

10 Best Wood Planners

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5MAKITA 2012NB- 12 INCH PLANER Amazon Check Price
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7WEN 6552T THICKNESS PLANER Amazon Check Price
9Delta Power Tools 22-55 Portable Planer Amazon Check Price
10POWERTEC PL 1251 12-1/2 INCHES WOOD PLANER Amazon Check Price

Here are the top 10 best wood planers that you can get according to planer specifications and needs. So, go through the details before buying them.

1. DeWalt DW734 Woodworking Planer


DeWalt is one of the best and favorite wood planer that comes with two speeds to provide fine and smooth cuts with wide dimensions. This planer has a three-knife cutter head that can easily handle the large cuts.  Unlike many other wood planers, this one is working quietly and free from any irregular noise.  This is an ideal choice for the new and professional individual and easy to carry as well. Its weight is just 100 pounds that is better than any other portable planer.  This benchtop planer comes with 15 rpm motor that speed is 20,000 rpm and cutter head speed is 10,000 rpm.  This best wood planer dimension is 24” L X 22” W X 28” H.


Two Speed Planner

DeWalt is also known as the two-speed planer. So, the user can easily cut any wood parts with adjustable speed feature. Due to the two speeds, it is mentioned as a highly rated and long-lasting thickness planer.

Flawless Finished Projector 

Many planers are unable to give smooth and fine woodcuts. DeWalt comes with a flawless projector that gives smooth and in-depth cuts. Its maximum capacity of depth cuts is 6 inches that are enough.  It projector operation rate is 14 per minute 

Easy to Use

Many wood planers come with difficult setup, and the user is not getting the proper instructions. At the same time, this DeWalt wood planer is easier to use and install without wasting a single moment. It will never give any injury and easier to use.

  • Two speed with the thick knife cutter head.
  • We base, durable, and well made.
  • Flawless projector and relatively quiet.
  • It comes with a decent dust collection hose.
  • Its replacement knives are expensive.
  • The price is a little bit high.

2. Porter-Cable PC60THP- Excellent Hand Planer

If you are wondering for the handheld best wood planer, then no other will be like Porter cable. It is portable and convenient enough that you can quickly move from one place to another.  This planer has a dust extraction port on both sides.  So, the user can use this planer at any comfortable place.  Its weight is just 8.5 pounds, which is too little for daily use. Due to the less bodyweight, this is considered as a lightweight planer.  This 12-inch thickness planer comes with a 15-amp motor, two blades, and a poly V belt cutter head that slows you to work safely and quickly. It can also glue up the material and give fine cuts.


Fast Speed

The porter-cable wood planer has 8,000 rpm cutter head speed powers and gives 16,000 cuts per minute. This cutter feeding rate is 26.2 feet, which is enough to get fast results.

Poly V Belt Cutter

The poly V belt cutter able to provide the maximum power to the material. This features us helpful to glued up the material for smart and perfect work.

Two Knives 

It offers two knives quick changeable steel cutter head. This planer gives smooth and delicate work and runs over a long time due to the two knives.

  • Perfect for home use.
  • It can also be used with glued up materials.
  • Comes with a poly V belt.
  • It offers a great price point.
  • Blades can be challenging to replace.
  • Sometimes shows quality control problem

3. Cutech 40200 H-CT Spiral Planner- Best for Professionals 

If you are professional and want to buy some professional and high-quality wood planer, no other will be like Cutech.  This is the best option to do the heavy-duty jobs. Cutech 40200 H-CT high-speed steel wood planer is specially designed for the spiral woods because it comes with 13 inches spiral woodcutters.  This planer has sturdy material that can withstand in nay wood cutting work and gives a fine and smooth finishing.  Its weight is 88 pounds. So, you can easily move it to your desired location. It has a 15-amp powerful motor with 26 spiral cutter head.  This is not for the newbie, but if you want to get the best wood planer in the selected budget, no other will be like the cute best wood planer.


Heavy Duty Posts

This is perfect for doing any heavy wood related work. Its screw design is not only increasing the performance as well as improves its durability. So, the user can easily cut the heavy wood pieces with a fine surface.

Extra Depth Cuts

So, the extra depth cuts are easily got with the use of cutech. Because it comes with 26 spiral blades capacity that will improve the work efficiency and gives in-depth cuts, it is newly redesigned with a cutter head style and dust chute.

Longtime Warranty

When we want to get a professional wood planer than the most important is to check out its warranty system. Either that place is responsible or gives a long time warranty in case of any issue. So, this cutech planer comes with three years warranty. This is enough in this price range.

  • It has high-speed steel tips and perfect for pros.
  • Durable and extremely well designed.
  • Spiral cutter head and light in weight.
  • This cutter is a heavy-duty professional jointer.
  • It is not best for inexperienced users.
  • Create a little bit of noise.

4. Grizzly G0505 Portable Thickness Planer

Grizzly G0505 is one of the best budget-friendly wood planers. If we are going to its features and price, no other planer will be under this price.  This planer is well designed and comes with sturdy ad durable material. This machine feed capacity is 32 feet per minute and gives 52 cuts per minute.  Grizzly comes with two blades heads, and the blades are made with pure steel material with a maximum thickness of 8 inches. When you are suing the Grizzly portable planer, then you will need the ear protection wears. It is light enough to carry at any place accuse with 2 HP motor that gives 10,000 rpm with fast cutter head speed.


Knife setting Jigs

Grizzly thickness planer comes with knife setting jigs and wrench that will make the work easier and perfect. With the help of a wrench, the user will easily adjust the height dimensions.


Many Grizzly planers come with very high prices. So do not need to buy them when you have the grizzly G0505 budget-friendly planer. It is powerful, sturdy, and best in price.

2 HHS Knife

This planer cutter head comes with 2 HH knife heads that will replace according to the needs. So, it will work longer and sharper according to work.

  • More accessible to transport and great for home use.
  • Durable and well designed.
  • Its setup is easier to understand.
  • Give clear, sharp, and smooth cuts to every material.
  • Create a little bit of noise.
  • It shows slow feeds as compare to others.

5. Makita 2012NB- 12 Inch Planer

Makita is an outstanding wood benchtop planer with automatic head clamps and looks at the materials with advanced lock-up system technology.  If you hate with snipe material, then prefer the use of Makita 2012 that will never snipe the material. Makita is a portable best wood planer that weight is just 60 pounds. So, it is considered as lightweight planer that can be moved at any place. It comes with a large table planer and produced only 80-decibel noise.  Makita has an 8,500 rpm motor, and the maximum input width is 12 inches. This is one of the fastest planers that comes with a table extension and can plan up to 28 feet per minute.  Due to extremely high quality and best performance, this best wood planer price is a little bit higher from others.


Interna Lock Automatic Clamp

This planer comes with automatic headlock clamps that will prevent wood snipe. So, you do not need to lock the material. Because it will automatically lock it up, these head clamps help rotate the material with different job sites.

Convenient for Use

Many wood planers are not easier in use. When you have the Makita planer, then you do not need to go on extra details. It is easier to use and convenient in size. Its large table extends the work fast and easier

Compact with Less Weight

Very compact and well in design with very little weight. Many other wood planers have heavyweight that can not be move from one place to another. But the Makita weight is the normal and best one as the portable.  

  • Very durable and easy to transport.
  • Diagonal support increases stability.
  • It creates low noise and comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Large table extension and very fast planning.
  • The price is a little high.
  • Dust collection hoods do not work well.

6. Craftsman Benchtop Thickness Planer

Craftsman is another one best wood planer that gives 16,000 cuts per minute.  This craftsman planer’s cuts are ultra-smooth and fine that may not be possible to get by any other planer.  It comes with an amp motor and two knives cutter head that gives 8,000 per minute revolution time.  It allows you to the easiness of glued material. Craftsman benchtop poly V cutter head allows you to get the maximum to strengthen cuts at fast speed.  Its cutter head knives are made with high carbon steel with dual cutter edges. Craftsman comes with a vacuum port that is best to collect the dust and diet of wood. Its depth adjustment knob makes the adjustment steps easier and understandable.  


Give Extra Flat Surface

When we are cutting the different woods, then most important is to get the extra flat surfaces that will be easy from craftsmen. It has sharp cutter heads with two knives for this aim.

Support Longtime Work

For a long time working, this craftsman benchtop cutter head is perfect that will work without giving any effects. It will never hot and run at maximum speed with maintained power.

Visible Depth Scale

Its depth scale is very visible to read different readings with different depths. It is also helpful to set the accurate measurements on the depth scale according to the thickness stocks.

  • Comes with a four-column design.
  • Vacuum port to collect the dust stock.
  • Visible depth scale.
  • They are designed with durable material.
  • Its cycle ratio is not good.

7. Wen 6552T Thickness Planer

Another name of the wen thickness planer is budget fremedly best wood planer with a fast feed rate.  This is one of the fastest planers that can handle up to 26 feet per minute.  Wen comes with three blades that can run over a long time.  This benchtop planer comes with height-adjustable infeed and outfeed.  Its safe planes boards have a maximum thickness of 6 inches, and width is 13 inches.  This inexpensive planer version has a 15-amp motor and capable of giving 25,500 cuts per minute. It is easier for the user for all wood types, either it is hard or soft. Wen 6552T weight is just 66 pounds, and this planer is also considered to work with international techniques.  This planer is not a good fit for professional use, but it is an excellent choice as the home occasion.  


Four Column Design

This most selling planer offers the four-column design that provides amazing stability, smoothness, and high-quality cutting results. With the adjustment of these four columns, the user can also do perfect cutting planning.

Adjustable Option

The reduction of snipe is the most important thing while using a wood planer. At the same time, many planers are unable to give this feature. So, the Wen 6552 thickness planer comes with an adjustable infeed and outfeed table to provide proper and longer support. 

Quick Changes Option

This planer has three blades and a quick-change knife system with dual-edge knives that are disposable. So the user can easily change the knife without any external appliances: another hand, no need to use the alignment jigs for Knife replacement.  

  • it has a three-blade design and terrific pricing.
  • It can handle many types of woods.
  • Fast feed rate with fine-tune adjustment.
  • Easier to use and clean.
  • It is not best for heavy-duty works.
  • Sometimes give poor dust collection system.

8. DeWalt DW734 Benchtop planer- Best for Newbie and Professionals

DeWalt 734 planer has three knife cutting heads and one of the best price planer. Its knife is reversible and disposable that can be easy to change. It will help you to get the cuts at 1/8 inches, and cuts width is 12.5 inches. No doubt, this planer design is slightly odd but best in this amount.  DeWalt DW734 planer as 20,000 rpm motor and easily handle the large and in-depth cuts. It has the power to give 96 cuts in a minute.  This one of the best rated portable planers comes with three users long time warranty.  Its weight is just 96 pounds that are considered as the best weight for portability.  This model can work on multiple speeds that can be turned back and forwards according to the needs.



This planer comes with three knife cutter heads and a reversible feature that will extend the knife’s life. The knife changes procedure is easier and fast, that never shows any difficulty. It also comes with a removable gauge to give smooth and in-depth cuts.

Four Column Carriage Lock

The carriage locks are important to give support to the product. So, its four locks work amazingly that drastically reduces the movement of any wood and lower the chances of snipe. It has extra-long infeed and outfeed tables to give supports to the material.

Best in Price

DeWalt introduces many bets wood planers with the time; no doubt, all is best in quality. Suppose you want to go at their prices, then no other will be efficient like this DeWalt 734 planer. Its price is best and under the range that can be easily affordable.

  • It has easy to change the blade and knives system.
  • Well suited to newbie and casual users.
  • Durable and well design.
  • Less expensive and the best price point.
  • Not suited for hardwoods.
  • It is designed for normal use, not for the professional.

9. Delta Power Tools 22-55 Portable Planer

Delta power is a best wood portable benchtop planer and comes with a dust port.  The removal of small particles is not easier from wood cutting. When the planer has a dust port, the collection of dust particles will be done quickly.  So, if you are allergic sensitive and other skin related problems, then move towards the Delta Power best wood planer. It goes maximum in-depth of 3/32 inches, and the maximum width is 13 inches.  This planer comes with a small motor that is 15 amp and runs best for the small works.  Due to the infeed and outfeed, it will reduce the material snipe.  This best wood planer is used for usual works and not best to perform professional activities.


Best for DIY Works

This planer has small motor power that will never best to do the large and professional works. So you can smoothly perform the home and DIY activities with the use of Delta power.  

Dual Disposable Knives

It comes with disposable knives and a quick-change knives system. Its disposable feature will make it perfect and lowers the working related problems.

100% Accurate

No other planer accurate like Delta power. It gives accuracy at maximum level and offers an adjustable scale. So, the scale will become easily adjustable according to the desired thickness.

  • Fast speed with three multiple knives cutter head.
  • It comes with cutter headlocks.
  • The five-year warranty at a low price.
  • Best or casual work.
  • It is not designed for professional users.
  • Not best for hardwood types

10. PowerTec PL 1251 12-1/2 inches Wood Planer

PowerTec is the least expensive and full-size planer when you want to get the fu size planer with a large capacity at a lower price than no other competes the PowerTech. This thickness planer runs with a 15-amp motor with two blades for smooth experiences.  This best wood planer knives are replaceable, and the cutter head is designed with high carbon steel material. These planer knives are trickiest to replace.  PowerTec comes with a 60-pound weight that is perfect as the portability. At the same time, this planer is 40-50% lighter than any other. Its maximum depth is 3/32,” and width is 1/32“. Sometimes this model shows snipe results and wood getting suck before the cuts.  It gives deep cuts even on the most challenging wood type like raw oaks and others. PowerTec gives 18,000 cuts per minute.  



The material is the most critical thing for nay best wood planer either has sturdy and durable or not. So the PowerTec comes with high carbon durable material that gibes sharp wood cutting results.

Ply V Belt Cutter

The poly V belt’s main aim is to transfer maximum power capacity that works safely and quickly. This belt is used for glued up materials and makes the work smart. 

Wide Size

Sometimes the professional needs wide size wood planer. So, the PowerTec has a wide size that may be impossible to get in any other model. Its wide size is helpful to cover the wide material.

  • Anti-wobble base.
  • Versatile and well designed.
  • It can be used for glued up wood material.
  • Blades are difficult to change.
  • It comes with insufficient depths.

Things to Considers for Buying Bets Woods Planer

As many things are important that we should consider before buying the products. When you consider some important points, you will get the perfect thing rather than choose the random one.  Most of the time, when a person neglects the important features, then he may not be got the right thing. So, for the best wood planer, The are key considerations that you should keep in mind. 

  • Size

Planer comes with many sizes that should pick according to your needs. No need to choose the very big and too small planer that gives problems during the usage. If you want to use the planer in different places, you should consider the portable and normal size.

  • Depth of Cut

The foremost thing is to check how deep a wood planer can cut the wood. If you are needed to remove the different wood surfaces with smooth results, you need to choose the different planer passes. The most planer can remove at 1/6th of an inch, and the other is 3/32nds of an inch. So always consider the depth of cuts. 

  • Blades

A wood planer comes with different blades at someplace. It is best with one blade, others with two blades, and many come with three blades. So, make sure the wood planer comes with a replaceable blade feature. A replaceable feature will you to cut the surface with in-depth results. At the same time, the blade features should not be complicated.

  • Speed 

The blade speed checks with its rotation per minute, some give slow rotation, and many have fast rotation abilities.  The rpm will show the cutter speed, and you can get an overview of how many cuts it gives in a minute. 

  • Material and Design

A wood planer is not a child thing. It comes with different materials, designs, and cutting parts. So, you need to consider its material and design. Either it comes with sturdy material and elegant in design.  These things should not miss.

The Wrap it Up

The best wood planer is mentioned above. If you want to buy the wood planer for regular, professional, and any other use, you must get the details as a wood planer is used to cut the woods with different fine, smooth and fast wood cutting styles. Each mentioned wood planer is different specifications from one another. So read the features, pros, and cons for the selection of the best wood planer.  You may get the best planer when you have an outline and consider the things mentioned as the buying guides. Just think about the upcoming wood projects, then choose the wood planer and start using this. You may get the best results with the selection of the best wood planer.


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