How to plane wood with the electric planer

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If you need to plane wood with your electric planer, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure that it is plugged in and turned on before placing it on the board of wood.
  2. Load the blade into the power drum.
  3. Turn the flat front of the blade towards the direction of plane and tighten it in place.
  4. Raise both cutter heads simultaneously off the ground or table surface but still perpendicular to one another.”
  5. Push the board forward and turn it off before raising the cutter head up to make a plank with the desired thickness.
  6. Repeat until an even flat surface is achieved.
  7. Unplug and remove the planer from the wood once you are finished.

There are two types of electric wood planers:

  1. A double-headed planer which has a blade on each end and can plane one or both sides of the wood at the same time.
  2. A single-headed planer which only plaes one side of the wood.

How does double-headed wood planer work

The double-headed wood planer is operated by a rotating drum that is powered by an electric motor. The drum has adjustable blades on each end of it. These blades can be adjusted to the desired depth using a knob or they can be removed altogether with a quick release button.

The drum spins the blade and moves it forward inside of a chute. There is a feed belt that runs through this chute which pushes the wood onto the blade. This helps ensure that every plank of wood gets cut to the same thickness. The blades are adjustable from 1/64 inch up to one half inch in depth. Some planers have just one drum head and a feed belt while others have two heads with four blades and two feed belts.

These types of planers are usually used by professional contractors or builders to help them cut down wood into the correct size for any project. They also make a great tool for homeowners who want to slice their lumber before building an outdoor deck or new home.

How does single-headed wood planer work

The single-headed electric wood planer is a smaller version of the hand held planer. Like the double drum, it has an adjustable blade and spin head. The blades are also able to be removed and adjusted for depth with a knob. Unlike the double drum, however, the drum head works in a single direction.

The blades on the head are engaged through an electric motor that spins them while the wood is fed through the chute. Depending on how fast you want to cut down your wood, you can adjust the planer for less or more speed. Most of these planers have two feed belts that help push the wood through at a faster speed.

The single headed planer is best used by homeowners who want to slice their lumber quickly or for small projects. Professionals usually use the double-headed because it gives them more options in how they cut the wood and offers better versatility over a larger area.

The following are some tips on how to safely use your electric planer:

– Make sure that the planer is turned off before unplugging it from the source of power.

– Switch the safety switch on the cutter head or power drum to the “off” or “cut position”. This will ensure that it cannot start operating by accident.

– Use a mask while you are using the planer in order to protect yourself from dust, sawdust, and other particles in the air.

– Wear ear protection so that you can better hear the noise of the cutter drum as well as what’s going on around you.

– Always wear gloves and shoes with sturdy soles while using a power tool.

– Make sure that your workspace is well lit and secure the wood in place while planing. This will help keep you from tipping over or losing your balance.

– Wear a respirator to protect yourself from dust while planing.

– Always make sure that everyone around you is aware of the power tool you are using so that they can keep their distance from you.

– Make sure that you are always safe with the tool and secure before turning it on. If you need a new blade or belt, take care of that first before starting to plan so that nothing unexpected happens while it is running.

– Make sure that your electric wood planer is turned off and unplugged before moving or changing blades.

– Take breaks while planing in order to stretch out and relax your body.

– Always make sure that the wood is free of nails, screws, staples or other sharp objects before feeding it into the chute. You can do this by simply scanning the wood with your eyes as you load it onto the planer.

Make sure that you are safe no matter how big or small your project is when using a power tool like an electric wood planer. If you follow these tips and use the appropriate safety equipment, you should be able to enjoy many years of service from your machine while keeping yourself and those around you safe.


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This type of machine is great for homeowners who want to slice their lumber quickly or those with smaller projects like building an outdoor deck or a new home. It also makes a handy addition to any construction site where professionals need something easier than a double drum head but more versatile than a handheld planer.

The safety tips we’ve provided should help keep you safe while using this popular power tool so make sure you take time out from cutting down your next project in order to review them before starting work again.

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