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Welcome! My name is AB Williams. Wood working is my passion.It became my passion after I’d finished college. Since then I’ve gained strong knowledge and skill set of woodworking and wood finishing.





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Water-based polyurethanes are an extraordinary decision for some homeowners since they tidy up effectively and won’t take as long to apply and dry. 

They save the common shade of the wood, so it won’t change the appearance and feel of your wood. 

Minwax Polyurethane is having highlights of ultra-quick drying and gives a perfectly clear look. I would suggest this for indoor use, and not for open air. For indoor, you can utilize it for entryway, cupboard, and floor also. It comes in different colors like satin, gloss and semi-gloss. The style you buy entirely depends upon the nature of your wood and your preferences. It comes in different sizes ranging from Quart to 2.5 gallons. 

This Minwax item truly gives you truly quick-drying and perfectly clear outcomes. It expands the sturdiness and quality of the item a lot. Minwax® Water-Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane joins unrivaled toughness and the warm look of customary polyurethane with the accommodation of a water-based completion. 

It is lower in scent than conventional dissolvable based polyurethanes. It ensures and adds magnificence to inside wood surfaces including woodwork, furniture, entryways, cupboards, and floors. It dries rapidly and can be cleaned up effectively with warm water.

Minwax also comes in different styles like 350 VOC, regular, water-based, and one coat. 

It is a water-based therefore it doesn’t have a strong smell, but might affect some individuals. To give your wood a promising look generally 3 coats are recommended. 


Applying the oil-changed polyurethane is simple. One ought to persistently mix before use. At that point, apply a thin layer of the oil-changed poly with a T-bar coater and leave it for two hours to dry altogether at that point apply a subsequent coat and a third coat two hours after the second. The project ought to be left for 24 hours before light use. 

While covering a hardwood floor, it is prescribed to a synthetic pad for application to abstain from leaving blemishes on the floor

Minwax Polyurethane is in gleam, semi-shine, and silk sheens. This is predominantly utilized on wood and for the best outcome, you should attempt to make in any event three coatings. The covering makes the floor very hard and you should utilize engineered cushion so there will be no imprints on the floor. In the wake of applying you should hang tight for 60 to 72 hours. You should use bristle brush for an application. Before use, you need to make sure that the surface is dust-free


Oil adjusted polyurethanes are a blend of oil and water-based poly. They will in general go on less yellow than an oil-based poly however somewhat more yellow than the high-grade water-based polyurethane, for example, Bona Traffic HD and Loba. They have a marginally golden tone.

  • Adhesion
  • Simple to clean with warm water
  • Dries rapidly
  • Value for money
  • Style
  • Simple way to use
  • At last, protects
  • May marginally influence individuals with breathing issues-particularly in rooms with insufficient ventilation
  • May cause eye-watering during application


A polyurethane covering is fundamental for a hardwood floor since it gives a layer that goes about as a defensive spread so you don’t destroy your item. Water-based poly is as successful as oil-based poly and they give a lighter and clearer shading sway. To sum it up Minwax is one of the most popular and highly rated polyurethane as it doesn’t give away the natural look of your wood. It’s highly durable and it dries quickly. 

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