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Welcome! My name is AB Williams. Wood working is my passion.It became my passion after I’d finished college. Since then I’ve gained strong knowledge and skill set of woodworking and wood finishing.





If the wood of your furniture or any other wood around your house has become a little dirty or just gives off an old look. Don’t worry you can make it look just like it did when you first bought it.

Wood stain remover also called wood strippers. These can make your job very convenient and make your furniture, floor, windows, or any wood look like new ones without any stains or spots. Use these to avoid the more difficult options in this matter like scraping; which is highly tiring for the arms and just overall time consuming or using sandpaper which is relatively easier than scraping but ultimately the best option still remains wood stain removers

Now the question is, which is the best one? which is the cheapest? Or which covers the most surface area?  Well, we’ve got some suggestions for you and hope to make your buying experience a little easier. Hopefully, that gives the answers to all these questions for you

Here we give you a list of 10 suggestions you can consider buying:


No #Best Wood Stain RemoverPrice
2EFC-38 WOOD CLEANER Amazon Check Price
4 DEFY STAIN STRIPPER Amazon Check Price
7FDC PURE OXALIC ACID Amazon Check Price



OXALIC ACID WOOD STAIN REMOVER can be used for wood as well as many other surfaces such as concrete iron and metals. Works as a rust remover, wood stain remover, and bleach agent, etc.

This product is 99.6% pure because of lab-grade quality. Due to the fact that it has to be mixed with a solvent so the amount definitely can be controlled depending on how strong or weak you need it to be. You can mix more of it for stronger stains and similarly less of it for weaker stains.

It’s cheap and therefore preferred a lot while buying. But however, it can be very dangerous as it is corrosive in nature. So it should definitely be handled with extreme care. It is advised to wear protective gear like gloves and masks, you can wear glasses to protect your eyes as well. A little precaution is always better than regret. However, if it comes in contact with the skin: it should be washed quickly, if inhaled: go to an open place and if swallowed: drink water immediately.

the advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up as follows:

  • It’s very good for stains on different surfaces and not only wood.
  • It’s pretty cheap
  • It’s corrosive so should be handled with care
  • It’s proportion can be controlled as needed since it is used with a solvent.
  • It can cover about 2000 sq ft per pack



    EFC-38 WOOD CLEANER is a strong remover that is used more for heavy stains. But it can also be used for small stains as well. It is used for the old and the new woods alike.

    It’s relatively more eco-friendly and not as toxic as the other options on this list. You can easily use it without a lot of precautions. But still be careful with it anyway.

    It’s not bound to be used after mixing because it is in the form of powders. That makes it way more convenient. Its price is bit more than expected since it is for the toughest of stains. So that has to be a factor pushing you back from buying. But it definitely is worth it.

    The advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up in the following sentences

    • Made for the toughest of stains.
    • For both old and new woods alike.
    • Eco friendly, not toxic still should be handled with care
    • Requires mixing with a solvent
    • It covers about 3000 square feet


      This one is a natural and vegetable-based cleaner. It is nontoxic and has no ammonia, silicon, bleach, or petroleum distillates. Perfect for people who like to use more natural-based things.

      It does not have a fragrance but the essential oils in it that smell pleasant and make the tiring experience of cleaning a bit more relaxing. This also leaves a pleasant smell even afterward.

      It is not toxic at all, can be safely used indoors and around people. Hence being really easy to use for indoor furniture of daily use. And it comes in a spray bottle making it really fast as well to work with.

      People who like more nature-oriented things can use this as their go-to. Its advantages and disadvantages can be summed up as follows

      • Natural and vegetable-based
      • Nontoxic and great to work with
      • Leaves a great fragrance due to the presence of essential oils in it
      • Does not have any chemicals in it
      • Great for indoor furniture


        DEFY STAIN STRIPPER product is one of the easiest to use. It has a very reasonable price and therefore can be purchased by most people. it is a little weak but overall does great work, hence is recommended in this list

        The fact that there is no mixing involved with this one before use makes it very convenient. It only takes half an hour to do its job after application. So you know it’s relatively faster. Just put it in a spray bottle and you are ready for the job

        The issue here is only that it does not work on paint and filmed finishes. But on the packaging, it says it has several chemicals in it which would make you think that it works way more strongly but it does not really.

        The advantages and disadvantages can be summed up as follows :

        • It can be used without mixing making it way more convenient
        • It’s pretty cheap hence preferred by more people
        • It only takes half an hour to work after the application
        • It does not work on the paint
        • Highly toxic but still not that strong
        • It covers about 100 to 150 square feet per gallon


          RESTORE-A-DECK WOOD STAIN STRIPPER can be used for every surface of wood alike. It is very environmentally friendly because of the fact that it is biodegradable. Woods outside the house can be cleaned and finished with this item.

          It comes in a powder form. It gets rid of the old look of the furniture or other woods, giving the wood a fresh new look as if it’s new. It’s biodegradable and hence environmentally friendly. It gets rid of oil and latex spots. It works to remove clear or semi-solid coatings. And also great for the removal of dirt, mildew, or mold

          Since it in powder form, it can be mixed to remove stains according to their strength. You can mix more for tougher stains and less for weak ones. This product does not get rid of solid paints and coatings, but it’s still a great option for making the wood give a fresh look, and it’s very easy to use for this purpose as well.

          All in all this product offers qualities such as multipurpose, cheap, eco-friendly, and strong. If someone is not sure what to buy for the first time, this can be a great pick for them. Being very cheap it can be super affordable and you will not have to use a lot of product as it gets the job done quickly even in low quantity.

          The advantages and disadvantages can be summed up for this product as follows :

          • Safe for the environment and can be used indoors easily
          • It is very strong, it can work on any wood surface very efficiently
          • It’s very cheap and affordable
          • when it is wet it will not work on the stains and only work when dried
          • But it definitely is not as safe as it should be
          • It covers about 500 to 1000 square feet per packaging


            It can be used for indoor furniture very effectively. Use this on your beds, bookshelves, tables, etc. it works with steel wool so Its working involves dissolving the stains when working along with steel wool.

            It can be used without sanding the surface before its use. It gives the furniture an old look but still looking like it’s being maintained very well. This no doubt gives the whole aesthetic of vintage house decors and furniture. The use is very easy and requires to apply tung oil when it starts to dry up. The oil is used to protect the finish and give it a nice look. And without harming the wood you can easily remove the toughest of stains.

            It does have a strong smell for a while but the smell diffuses quickly and leave a small scent like smell behind after just some minutes. If you want it to work the best, you should definitely follow the steps given on its packaging and you will surely get great results

            The advantages and disadvantages can be summed up as follows for this product :

            • It has to be used with steel wool
            • It is great for indoors and outdoors uses
            • Sanding the surface of the wood before use is not necessary
            • Keeps the old look, but still gives a great finish product
            • Pretty strong, and it gets rid of tough stains
            • Requires tung oil application while trying to give a protected finish
            • Has a strong smell at first, but it diffuses quickly and gives a small scent afterward
            • Best results can be achieved after following the company’s instruction

              7. FDC PURE OXALIC ACID

              This is made with an acid that can be obtained from different vegetables and plants like buckwheat. It is a heavy-duty chemical cleaner and thus requires the wearing of protective clothing while handling it. This gives it a con that it can’t be used near your loved ones. And for its acidic nature, the product comes in a resealable packaging that has a child protection cap to lessen the danger

              It comes in powder form and can be mixed according to the strength of the stain. But it is to be noted that using the powder in a large quantity can be harmful and therefore you should use it in a moderate quantity. It gets the job done just right and won’t be that harmful either.

              A strong thing to consider while using it is the fact that it should not come in contact with your skin and in no circumstance should be swallowed. As it is highly acidic and very harmful if handled carelessly.

              The advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up in the following lines

              • It comes in a powdered form
              • Made from acids obtained from vegetables and plants
              • It can be mixed accordingly but make sure to not mix a lot as it can be dangerous
              • Its acidic nature requires the use of protective wear
              • The package can be resealed and has a child protection cap
              • It gets rid of strong stains easily

                8. DECK WOOD STAIN STRIPPER

                It is very easy to use as it comes already mixed, and you can use it immediately after taking it out of the package. It is especially for those people who are looking for staining of their deck. It works great in bringing out the colors and grain of the wood while getting rid of the old look of the wood.

                It is pretty cheap as well. It can be afforded by a large number of people. It also helps the stain to adhere way better than many other options in this list.

                The product does not remove paint and many other coatings. It is not all that strong and can not remove tough stains because it Is a more cheap choice. Also, its coverage is only 100 to 150 square feet per gallon and that’s a little underwhelming.

                The advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up in the following sentences :

                • It already comes pre-mixed so it can be used very quickly
                • It does not contain that many chemicals so can be used easily without that many cautions
                • It is very cheap and affordable
                • It helps the stain to adhere better
                • Not a very strong option
                • Does not give a lot of coverage per gallon


                  this product is most effective after a full 24 hours of application and it removes many layers of coverings such as dried latex and oil-based paint. You will have to use a scraping tool to remove the finished raised surface. That makes this stripping gel a bit different while using

                  Indoor furniture mostly uses varnishes so using it inside is okay to use on tables, vanities, etc. Its citrus smell helps for using it inside as well and its chemical composition is made for safe use. If outside use isn’t possible then it is okay to use inside.

                  It is very easy to use after scraping off all the sludge, you can soak up a piece of clothing in a mineral spirit and clean it up a few times and you will have your finished look. Sanding your wood surface will then give you more great results. Furniture that comes in bland colors can be made to look very good using this product.

                  This product removes the varnish very efficiently but also leaves the removal of other stains up to other strippers. Therefore it has to be paired up with another stripper to get the full job done.

                  The advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up in the following sentences :

                  • The great fragrance of citrus makes it easier to apply on indoor furniture
                  • Chemical composition made for inside use and is safe
                  • Easy to use and works just by applying for 24 hours
                  • It is pretty strong and takes off varnishes even if there are multiple layers of it on the surface
                  • But it has to pair up with a wood stain stripper as it is a gel and only removes varnish

                    10. SUNNYSIDE 2 MINUTE FINISH REMOVER

                    A very purposeful product that removes latex and oil-based paints, lacquer, shellac, varnish, epoxy, and polyurethane finishes. It does not work for water-based finishes. And it does a pretty good job.

                    In 2 minutes of the process of removing the stain, it does a 2 in 1 job. It simultaneously strips and brightens the wood surface. If you strip and brighten separately then this is a better option for you. It is like a shortcut for your work. While separately doing them will no doubt be more thorough, but the stain you add is more important.

                    So the advantages and disadvantages of this product can be summed up in the following sentences :

                    • Really quickly works to remove a multitude of layers off the surface
                    • Does its job on wood, metal, masonry
                    • It can be applied up to 25 square feet per gallon
                    • It does a 2 in 1 job of stripping and brightening the surface


                      So there you have a list of 10 products which might help you to choose what works best for you. From price to safety to strength we tried to give you the best guide to make a decision.


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